Member Administration

Want to keep a Member Administration for you association, but you’re not handy with Excel or similar programs?
Just need an easy, simple way to administer your members?
Then this might be what you’re looking for…

Member Administration is a simple, lightweight, easy to use application.
Want to keep track of your association’s history? Don’t delete members, just mark them as ‘inactive’ an they won’t be shown anymore (unless you want them to).

Already started an administration in Excel, but not really satisfied with it? Just export your data to a tab-divided text file and import it into Member Administration.

You also can see the address of the selected member(s), or all active members on a map.



You can send an e-mail to just the selected member(s), or to all active members at once.

And of course you can print the list and specify which details you want to print.


Finally, in case you also use the iPad app, you can synchronize the data and take it with you on your iPad.
An easy way to let your members verify their data and adjust it when needed.